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two packages bakers dozen tea lights
Tea Light Candles
 Package of a Baker's Dozen
 Ultra Scented Tea Light Candles, total of 13 Candles per package

$5.95 per package

 Select Quantity  

Add a Mocha Tea light Vase $12.00 additional     

Add a Latte Oval Tea Light Vase $12.00 additional     

Add a Ashley Tea Light Lamp $8.00 additional     

Add a Tuscan Window Tea Light Lamp $8.00 additional   

Add a Woodland Tea Light Lamp $8.00 additional     

Add a Reniassance Tea Light Lamp $8.00 additional     


Reclosable heart tarts

Mocha tea light vase
Latte Oval tea light vase
Ashley Tea Light lamp
Tuscany Tea Light lamp
Woodland Tea Light Lamp
Reniassance Tea Light Lamp


Wax Tarts  

Tart Warmers


   Oil and Oil Warmers  


Wickless Candles