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Tart Burners, Tart Melter, Potpourri Burners, Simmer Pots, Wax Warmers We offer the best value and selection in tart warmers. If you have never used a tart warmer then see  How To Melt Wax Tarts

Tart Warmer / Candle Warmer Combination offers a combination tart warmer, using the bowl or a candle warmer using the plate without the bowl.. The candle warmer is useful for melting a candle without a flame. It also can be used to melt wax left in a candle jar after some candles are not completely melted. Our candles melt completely when burned but some others just burn down the center leaving a ring of wax around the jar. The candle warmer can be used to melt this wax.  The candle warmer can also be used with our wickless candles a specially made candle for candle warmers.

  Tea Light Tart Warmers offer the best value in tart warmers, but require the use of a tea light candle to provide the heat for melting. We provide tea lights and six heart melt fragrance melts (wax tarts) with every tea light warmer purchase. Only non-fragranced tea lights should be used in a tea light warmer. Non-fragranced tea lights may be purchased at any department store.

Electric plate tart warmers use an electric plate similar to a coffee warmer, but unlike a coffee warmer specially made to melt wax tarts, most plate tart warmers include a separate bowl to melt the wax tart in. This bowl makes changing the fragrance more convenient, we include six  heart melts with every electric plate tart warmer purchase.

 Electric pot tart warmers use a light bulb to melt the wax tart, the pot tart warmers normally have holes in the warmer to allow the light to show through the warmer, most also include a separate bowl for melting the wax tart. We provide the bulb and six heart melts wax tarts with every electric pot tart warmer purchased, replacement bulbs can also be purchased at any home hardware store, most use a 25 watt bulb.

 Plug-in tart warmers are very convenient for use in a kitchen or bath area. The plug-in warmer uses a 15-watt bulb to melt the wax tart, they plug directly in the wall, one of our heart fragrance melts (wax tarts) fits perfectly in a plug-in warmer filling the entire room with fragrance when melted. We provide Six heart melts in each package with every plug-in tart warmer purchased.

Our America Tart Warmers are very unique. They come in either tea light or Electric light or plate style. The company has stopped selling these warmers so what we have left in stock is all there is
We call our wax tarts fragrance melts because they give off so much fragrance when melted, they are similar to wax tarts sold by others and can be used in any tart warmer made to melt wax tarts. We offer over 350 fragrances and exceptional customer service. We have been in business for over five years and have a very loyal customer base. If you have any questions about us or our products please feel free to call our toll free number          1-800-520-6894
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