Tart Warmer showing step 33. Your melt will start melting in a few minutes. Melted wax is what throws fragrance. Sit back and enjoy.  Replace tea light as needed. Wax can be reheated over and over until fragrance is gone.
Tart Warmer showing step 22. Place your fragrance melt (wax tart) in the bowl section of your tart warmer and light your tea light.
Tea Light tart warmer1. To begin, you need a tart warmer, fragrance melts (wax tarts), and a tea light. If your unit is electric no tea light is needed, simply plug it in and turn it on
How to Melt Wax Tarts
Tart warmer melting tarts step 44.  After cooling and the wax has hardened. you can change fragrance by putting the warmer in the freezer and popping out the old wax. If you like, you can store the old wax in a baggy for re-use in the future. 
Electric Plate Tart Warmer step 55. There are two other types of tart warmers the plate type warmer as shown to the right. The plate type warmer uses a plate  similar to a coffee warmer.
Electric Plate Tart Warmer step 66. The plate warms the bowl on the left. The bowl is placed on top of the plate warmer as shown. The advantage of this type warmer is there is no flame and no tea lights to purchase.
Pot Tart Warmer step 77. The other type warmer is the light  bulb warmer, either electric pot or electric simmer pot tart warmers. This type warmer uses a light bulb inside the warmer. (Bulb included with our warmers). The bulb heats the wax in the bowl that is placed on top of the warmer.
There is nothing special about the bulbs. They are small based bulbs that can be purchased in any department or hardware store. You can use either 25 or 40 watt bulbs in our electric pot warmers. 15 watt in our plug-in warmers

Electric pot tart warmer step 88. This light bulb type warmer normally is designed with holes in the warmer that the light shows through. This gives a nice lighting effect.