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smelly jelly jar 12 oz
 Linen spray can be purchased in any of our fragrances. It uses a pump,  does not contain alcohol or aerosol, use where you need a little puff of fragrance. 

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Linen Spray 4 OZ

No aerosol and no alcohol

$6.50 ea.

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Linen spray 4 oz

Smelly Jelly is a gel-like air freshener. It requires no flame and is ideal in places where flames are prohibited. Simply remove the plastic insert under the lid and set it out where ever you desire fragrance. Placing it on a warmer allows for a more intense fragrance.

When crystals begin to dry out, simply add distilled water to refresh the crystals. Please remember to add only distilled water to avoid ruining your smelly jelly. (Note: Smelly jelly expands so do not overfill the jar when refreshing crystals.) It is a good idea to add a tablespoon of alcohol every time you add water. Over time fragrance will completely disappear. If you are not sure if the fragrance has disappeared, simply walk out of the room , take a deep breath and return to the room. Chances are you just got used to the smell and will smell the smelly again upon your return to the room.

Your smelly jelly can be refreshed with fragrance oil when scent disappears.
                Smelly Jelly Jar 12OZ
                       $8.50 each
                          (Jar supplied with gold colored top) 
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